Alain Choisnet, sculptures of calm and serenity in feminine form


Self-taught artist, Alain Choisnet was born in Fougeres in Brittany In 1962 and currently divides his time between Paris and the Champagne.

Having exploited the formalization realistic from various materials for several years, sometimes giving rise to monumental fixtures whose cohesion of the particles held in their weight alone, it is now entering a more expressive figuration.

Bronze, by its nobility and evocative, became his favorite material to convey a stronger message.

His artistic approach tends to suggest the viewer notions inspiring calm and serenity. Femininity seems ideal for communicating these qualities. Beyond realism, he wants to offer a soothing view of women with modesty and sensuality.

His collaboration with the prestigious Daum confirms the quality of the work of this artist.

Although represented by galleries in France and Europe, he favors direct contact in group or solo exhibitions.