Coronavirus: Centre for Health Protection Feb. 27 UPDATE


As of 27 February 2020, 12:00 noon (since 31 December 2019), the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Hong Kong Department of Health has received reports of a total of 1889 cases fulfilling the reporting criteria of Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent, including 92 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 1663 cases which were ruled out as COVID-19. The remaining 134 cases were still hospitalised for investigation.

Separately, the CHP has received notification of an additional confirmed case (Case no. 93) after 27 February 2020, 12:00 noon. Among the 93 confirmed cases, 65 remained hospitalised, 26 were discharged, while the remaining 2 cases were fatal cases (Case no. 13 and 55).

Source: CHP of Department of Health