Philippine Rescue Operation for Pinoy crews on-board MV Diamond Princess on the way


This morning, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) carried out the directive of SFA Teddy eddy Locsin to bring our people in the Diamond Princess cruise ship back home.

The first of two flights to get our kababayans back left for Japan early morning from Manila.

The first of two flights to get our kababayans back is now ready to leave for Japan
The first of two flights to get our kababayans back left Manila early morning for Haneda Airport in Japan.

The Department of Health (DOH) 9 person medical group is part of the Repatriation Team with DFA in coordination with the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo assisted our kababayans for the medical check ups and registration proceedings during the disembarking of the crew from the cruise ship.

The Pinoiy crews boarding buses
The Pinoiy crews boarding buses that will take them to Haneda airport

DOH puts up the donning and doffing area of personal protective equipments for our health workers who manned the quarantine facility. DOH is prepared to welcome our kababayans and ensure their health and safety.

The DFA-PH Embassy in Tokyo, working closely with the Japan Self Defense Force and the DOH medical team, are bringing around 400 Filipinos from Yokohama port to Haneda Airport by bus for the scheduled repatriation flights to Manila via 2 chartered PAL aircraft.

DOH ensures that the 14-day quarantine procedure will be a comfortable experience for our repatriated kababayans. Fixtures and amenities are provided to each repatriate to make them feel at home.

DFA Team Member
DFA Team Member on-board PAL p[ane assisting passengers.

The first batch of MV Diamond Princess repatriates has now boarded the flight back home to the Philippines! The flight is expected to arrive in Clark sometime before 9:00 p.m.

A total of 311 Filipinos aboard MV Diamond Princess Cruise were brought home via the first special PAL charter flight. The number excludes the 2 DFA Officials and 4 DoH medical personnel accompanying the flight. The second flight is expected to bring home around 140 Filipinos of the remaining crew members of the MV Diamond Princess Cruise Ship.

The second batch of repatriates is now boarding the flight to Manila. This batch is expected to arrive sometime before 12 midnight.