Simard Bilodeau Galerie: The Foundry workshop


Is An Elite North American Fine Art Gallery Based In California, Usa And Shanghai, China. The featured video is the behind the scene of how each of the Simard Bilodeau Gallery sculptures are made in the Foundry.

It features an unparalleled collection of bronze sculptures, sculptural installations and original paintings by living Western museum artists. French Canadian proprietors, Simard and Bilodeau, have participated in many prominent art fairs, including: Art Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair, Los Angeles Art Show and others in Hong Kong, Macao, Miami and Toronto. They are committed to representing a select group of world-renowned artists. Their permanent collection presents blue-chip master sculptors and painters such as: Ira Reines, ML Snowden, Renzo, Tuan, Boban, A. Desjardins, Arian , Saturno Butto, and C. Bennett.

Galerie Simard Bilodeau found particular success in China over the past three years. Fall 2014 was busy with an exclusive fine art exhibition at The Peninsula Shanghai followed by participation in the Shanghai Art Fair for the third consecutive year. Galerie Simard Bilodeau attracted the attention of prominent Chinese media agencies, political dignitaries and significant collectors. The Chinese appreciation for bronze sculptures and fine oil paintings have allowed Galerie Simard Bilodeau to expand to a permanent exhibition location in Shanghai. In fact, in collaboration with The Peninsula Shanghai they have opened an exhibition space on their 14th floor in October 2015. The gallery has also created an impressive monumental sculpture garden in collaboration with the Shanghai Art Fair 2015, allowing them to solidify their international reputation as a leader in bronze sculptures and fine art. This was the first time that such a grand installation has been presented.

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The Peninsula Shanghai 14th Floor, 32 The Bund,
Shanghai, China, 200002

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