Supreme Court’s Decision On Petitions Concerning The Philippines’ Withdrawal From The ICC


In a statement today, Secretary Martin Andanar of the Presidential Communications Office welcomes “the just and fair ruling of the Supreme Court that dismissed petitions questioning the Philippine Government’s unilateral withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC).”

He further states that:

“As the chief architect of our country’s foreign policy and international engagements, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, well within his capacity, upheld our sovereignty by withdrawing from the ICC who insists on getting involved with our nation’s affairs, and hindering our collective progress in securing the safety of our country from societal ills.”

According to Andanar “the government, under the leadership and through the strong political will of President Duterte, continues to uphold and respect human rights and the rule of law while aiming to eradicate criminality.”

Finally, he added that the “functioning legal and judicial systems and our constant engagements with different independent and international organizations, are a testament that this government is committed to protecting and championing human rights.”